Promeco technology is able to produce pelletized compost to be improved as fertilizer for agricultural soils with time extended release of organic matters.
Thanks to PES machine, whose technology is patented and unique worldwide, it is possible to turn compost into a stabilized product with potential agronomic advantages.


 Recyclable waste:

  • Biomass material (Straw, olive pomace, bovine, suine and chicken manure, fruit and vegetable waste and other fibrous materials)
  • Compost



  • Pelletizer biomass
  • To be burnt into biomass furnace
  • To be gasified
  • For electrical and heat power production
  • Compost in pellet

The output of the Promeco Extruder System is a pelletized compost with more benefits than those of traditional compost



PES Bricchettatrice 3D





The PES allows to compact fibrous material as straw, olive pomace, bovine, suine or chicken manure, fruit and vegetable waste or their mixture producing biomass briquettes to be used into biomass furnaces, gasifiers and technologies for electrical and heat power production.











Bioextruder Briquetting Configuration




Treatment capacity

The treatment capacity is up to 4 ton/hour, the significant reduction of input volumes, the high quality briquettes production are just a few examples of the several advantages of processing the agricultural waste with PES.

Bioextruder Bricchettatrice Biomasse



Advantages of the treatment with Bioextruder ©

  • Time extended release of fertilizer substances
  • Easy storage

Bioextruder Bricchettatrice Biomasse2


Other applications

  • Composite animal feed production
  • Pelletizer fertilizer production
  • Strong treatment of composting of green waste
  • Pelletizing the biomass for gasification process





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