The PES Densifier is the simplest and most efficient solution for plastic densification and agglomeration.
The flexibility of the system allows to process :

  • Mixed plastics as scraps, C & I and waste plastics
  • Plastics (PE, HDPE, EPS, PP, PVC as foil shredded, powder or similar)

The PES can handle the difference of feedstock composition automatically in the best way. The direct combination of the PES and the traditional Extruder allows the optimal feeding of the material to the single shaft shredder and grants the homogenity of the production. The control system, based on the PLC logic, continuously checks the most important parameters as current and temperature on the plate of the machine and then arranges the working process automatically.

agglomeration pelletizingagglomerator pelletizer0


agglomelator pellettizer

Advantages of PES agglomerator and pelletizer

  • Mixing and homogenization of different polymers
  • Homogenous and continuous melting
  • Completely dry Output product
  • Degasing on Promeco Extruder System and therefore not necessary in the traditional extruder
  • Shortened melting time
  • Few machines to install and manage, reduction of investment costs
  • Reduced footprint of the equipment
  • Low power consumption (~0,092 kW/kg of input plastic)

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Input material
Wet plastic material from washing plants like:

  • Packaging thin film
  • Film from agriculture

Up to 1.500 kg/h.
It depends on the characteristics of the input plastics and on the required density of the product.




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