The simplest, easiest and most effective solution for the organic fraction treatment.

 Recyclables waste:

  • Organic waste
  • Biomass material (for Anaerobic Digestion process as corn, seeds cultivated for bio-energy production, straw)



  • Organic matter for anaerobic digesters
  • Organic ground material,ready to be eaten and attacked by the anaerobic bacteria, during the anaerobic process.


 Spappolatore 3D


 Spappolatore Foto



Squeezer Configuration


Treatment capacity

Compost and organic fraction for anaerobic digestion 25 - 40 m³/h, depending on the mixture composition, the structure and the end size of the product required


Spappolatore Foto2




  • Continuous process
  • Increase of biogas yield +50%
  • No water required
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Great shorting of the composting time.
  • Less surface required for composting.