Twin shafts shredders

Primary Promeco shredders disthinguish themselves for  structure robusta and quality of materials, especially for the manufacture of the rotating knives.
The especially designed cleaning system prevents  the stringy material to wrap around the shafts.
The two-shaft shredders Promeco have been designed to grind different materials, such as:

  • Unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Commercial waste
  • Bulky waste (beds, sofas, refrigerators, doors)
  • Industrial waste
  • Plastic waste (film, purgings, pallet)
  • Pulper waste reject
  • Timber, railway sleepers, trimmings of plants
  • Organic waste
  • Tyres

Promeco two shafts shredder Premier is the biggest primary shredder manufactured  by Promeco and is suitable for all kind of waste and bulky waste. The main hopper allow the feeding of voluminous waste and the two independent shafts with peculiar disk make the machine suitable to shredding down to <A3 size of every kind of waste. 

Suitable for

  • Industrial waste
  • Bulky waste

shredder premier1shredderpremier2

PRS  shredder has been designed  for a clean cut to every kind of waste. The cutting discs are designed according to the material to be processed and the kind of shredding, thus defining the thickness and the disc diameter over the geometry of the hooks. Equipped with rotor’s cleaning knives.

Suitable for:

  • Industrial waste
  • Waste pulper

  shredder rotor shears prs1

Promeco bag opener PBO is designed to cut the bags without shredding the content.  The two rotors are independent with specially designed knives  which are ideal to use the machine at the beginning of sorting plants.

Suitable for:

  • As the first equipment of sorting plants to open the bags.
  • to the pre-treatment of organic waste


  • Independent rotors with adjustable speed to optimize the cutting process of the bags without cutting the content

bag opener pbo1

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