Input waste:

  • Mixed plastic (min. 75%) and others contaminants


 Output product:

  • profiles boards made of recycled plastic

Shelter Furniture 2

The plant designed by Promeco allows the conversion of plastic waste to profiles that can be assembled to build other products, such as the emergency living units.


Characteristics of the shelter


Easy and fast to assemble, reliable and safe to live in, Promeco has engineered a complete turnkey plant designed to manufacture with plastic waste economical standard living units ideal in any emergency situation when immediate housing is required.


  • Sides (walls): 5,30 x 2,65 m
  • Height: 2,76 m
  • Floor area: 14 sqm
  • Total weight: 1.100 kg
  • Total volume in pallet: mc 2,70


This projects aims to build low cost housing from recycled material, namely mixed waste plastic, with the following features:

  • Requires limited storage space
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Easy to transport
  • Environmental friendly


These living units may be used as shelters for people in case of natural disasters such as floods, tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes or in UNHCR refugee camps.

The shelters manufactured with Promeco’s plants are designed to provide housing in all post disaster settings and in extreme climates they can be further increased with appropriate insulation. Their floorspace can comfortably host up to 4 people.

This is the reliable and long lasting alternative for the 3,5 million people still living in tents worldwide.


“Refugees and others of concern to UNHCR have the right to adequate shelter - to protection from the elements, to a space in which they can live and store belongings, and to privacy, comfort and emotional security. A shelter is a habitable covered living space that provides a secure and healthy living environment with privacy and dignity in order to benefit from protection from the elements, space to live and store belongings as well as privacy, comfort and emotional support.”

Shelter solutions UNHCR Emergency handbook


Input waste composition


Material %
 Film - Polyolefin LDPE  75%
 Plastic rigid HDPE  20%
 Paper  5%   
 Others plastics


Output material characterisitcs


Profiles boards made of recycled plastic

Dimensions: width 300 mm, length 2.650 mm, thickness 30 mm with tongue and groove joints and honey comb structure


Capacity of the line


  • Capacity per line: 500 kg/hour
  • Total houses per year: no. 2.300
  • equivalent to shelter for 9.200 people
  • Total floor surface for storage: 1.500 sqm
  • Total floor surface per year: 28.000 sqm


 The plant


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