The Promeco Eco Dryer is designed to reduce the humidity content and to compact the waste

 Recyclable waste:

  • Plasticas from washing line
  • Mixed plastics
  • Rejects from paper mill
  • Waste pulper
  • Film
  • PE-PP
  • RDF
  • Waste pulper
  • Tetrapak




Torchio Asciugatore PED




Reliable, versatile, the PED removes the water from 30 to 10% (in case of film material from washing lines), increases the apparent density of the material, even up to a factor of 10, and compacts the treated material.


PED Foto




PED Squeezer Configuration





Increasing the density of material from 1 up to 10, compacting and drying from 30% down to 10% moisture.




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